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The 16th High tech Lithium Battery Industry Summit


The 16th High tech Lithium Battery Industry Summit

In 2023, the electric vehicle and energy storage markets will continue to exhibit resonance, driving the continuous growth of demand for lithium batteries. The accelerated evolution of track capacity, technological iteration, cooperation forms, and industry competition is simultaneously triggering new changes on the demand and supply sides. As the backbone of achieving carbon neutrality, achieving zero carbon transformation of the industrial chain as soon as possible will have a significant impact on China's position and competitiveness in the global division of labor in the new energy industry chain.From a macro perspective, the vigorous development of the lithium battery industry is the result of the combined effects of global energy shortage, technological progress, policy support, and market demand expansion. As the world's largest producer and consumer of lithium-ion batteries, China is also the world's largest electric vehicle market. With the proposal of the goal of "carbon neutrality", lithium-ion battery technology can provide support for important application fields such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and smart grids for carbon neutrality, while also reducing the country's carbon emissions and energy consumption.In response to the ever-changing nature of the globalized new energy lithium battery industry, the "16th High tech Lithium Battery Industry Summit" hosted by the High tech Lithium Battery High tech Industry Research Institute was held from July 3 to 5, 2023 at the Maoshan International Conference Center in Dongfang Salt Lake City, Changzhou. China Science and Technology Corporation (Changzhou) Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition, booth number: A27.   Zhongke Motong is committed to becoming a leading intelligent manufacturing system integration service provider in the new energy industry. Its core business covers "lithium battery module PACK production line", "chemical composition and sub capacity+intelligent logistics warehousing+module PACK automation overall plan", "energy storage PCS automation production line", "storage Logistics automation automation equipment", "Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations solutions", "digital factory overall consulting design", etc.  Actual Customer Cases of Zhongke Motong✔ Compatible with various types of square cells ranging from 50AH to 300AH;✔ Compatible with flexible production of energy storage products for both home and commercial use;✔ Configure MES system, and the entire process can be traced and uploaded;✔ Floor area: L60m * W6m * H4.5m.✔ Delivery time: 3 months to achieve rapid delivery and production.✔ Equipped with independent research and development production capabilities, key stations have achieved customized and standardized design (fully automatic adhesive bonding station, automatic welding station, automatic testing station, and module automatic box fastening station).As a leading enterprise specializing in precision and innovation, Zhongke Motong aims to provide automated, information-based, and intelligent production solutions for the new energy industry. The PACK intelligent production line for lithium battery modules in the field of power and energy storage has successfully empowered a leading lithium battery enterprise, Anhui Tongsheng, Sichuan Avionics Micro, Kangshengjia, Wanbang Digital Energy, and many other customers in the power and energy storage industry.